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Question: What kinds of payment do you take?

Answer: I can take Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Visa Debit.

Question: How does you coming to me work?

Answer: Once we determine a best time and date, next is to get your location. If you are within 30km then there is just a $20 travel charge if you are 31km or more then it will be a $30 charge. Once we have the date, time, and location set I will show up with everything needed to get you back up and working.


Question: How does remote support work?

Answer: Once we determine if remote support is a valid option, then you will need to install TeamViewer for me to connect. When it comes to payment I will email you an invoice once the job is complete, I may require you to to pay a 25% deposit.

Question: How much so you charge?

Answer: $35/hour tax included

Question: Is it true tax is included?

Answer: Absolutely! Everyone likes it when tax is included so why not do it.

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