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To provide the highest quality customer service for your specific needs

Ever since I was a kid playing with my Sega Genesis I have been interested with technology. Jump a few years later to when I was in high school, I was taking every tech course available and even joined the AV club. Come graduation I achieved the Business Award for taking all computer courses and maintaining the highest average. From there I got a job at The Source where I was able to expand my knowledge of technology but that's where I learned I have a passion for helping people solve their tech problems. I worked there for a number of years but then decided that it’s time to find a career, so I decided to go to Conestoga College for IT Support Services. During my time there I was able to fine tune my knowledge and gain new experiences; such as getting an IT position at Idea Exchange and doing an IT Co-Op at Sivantos. Following that I graduated the program with Distinction. Since then I have learned one important thing about myself, I like fixing computers but I truly feel fulfilled if I can help an average person fix their devices and that's why I'm starting my own business, Your IT Guy.



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